Based on the findings of the operational studies conducted, a draft recommendation for the District Tuberculosis Programme was prepared in 1961, keeping in mind an average Indian district, its population and health facilities available. The national programme policy as enunciated in the introduction manual of DTP comprised:

  • Domiciliary treatment

  • Use of a standard drug regimen of 12-18 months duration

  • Treatment free of cost

  • Priority to newly diagnosed patients, over previously treated patients

  • Treatment organization fully decentralized

  • Efficient defaulter system/mostly self-administered regimen

  • Timely follow up

  • Chemoprophylaxis not recommended as it is impractical on mass basis. Social sciences were consciously included as hard evidence and peoples’ voices were placed on par with science, technology and administration. The National Programme was fully integrated with the government health services of the country, thus extending the scope of TB work to be available through its vast reaches. 


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1 RNTCP National Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Elimination 2017 to 2025